Thursday, 25 July 2013

Is It Necessary To Break Up Your Relationship?

Break Up 
I don’t know why people break up their relationships so easily Is it a trend now to move on or to try and choose the best one? If that is the case then where are emotions, feelings and love?

If there is a strong reason then what is the guarantee that your future partner won’t give you that reason? If loyalty, trust, different thought processes lead to unsolved arguments that further leads to lack of love or lack of love with time are reasons, then it can be understood.

Love is something which can happen more than once but not after every break up of your life. If there is any problem/ issue which can be worked out then why not do that. Do you think you will get love of your life so easily, you will get a partner who understands you or if he/she is not understanding some of your points then too trying hard, making adjustment to understand it and loving you unconditionally even after lot of arguments? Just think. Will you find anyone in future who can give you love and happiness which your partner gave you. It is not easy in today’s world.  

Save your love and save your life. People think when break up happens, we move on and life goes on. Don’t give up on such a relationship because after that life might still go on, but without love.


  1. Beautiful blog..!! I wish i cud save love and life on his n mine..!!