Thursday, 25 July 2013

Come Up From Break Up

Come Up From Break Up 

I know this is very difficult to deal with break-up but what can you do? Except facing it. Is anything left there? That you can get it back. If it is there then try out for that. If nothing is left then move on. It is just not you who is going through this pain, just check your around you will find lot of broken hearts and their stories.

Ending-up a relation can teach you many things. These broken heart's stories can make you understand lot of stuffs. You just have to choose right one and take positive from it. There can be many broken hearts which are tumbling with destructive ways but there must be few ruined heart who come up from there break up. Learn from them.

What can be reason of your break-up :

 Misunderstanding : Just think if your partner can't understand you now, how the hell he or she would have understood you in future. So you are blessed that you are getting some pain now instead of getting it for life-time. Less Love and Care : If this is the reason then, congrats you are out of it.  

Getting Less Time From Partner : Here understanding plays main role. No Trust : If your partner was not trusting you then your relationship was going nowhere. It is better you came out of it. If your partner broke your trust then you are lucky and that is giving good enough reason to you to forget him or her.  

No Faith : What is point of spending life with a person who is not having faith in you or lost faith in you even after you did lot of faithful things for him or her.

Hey you guys must have understand now, how to get positive from you negative break-up. Try to manipulate your life. "Control your thoughts and win game of Life".

Let me know your views about this blog and If you are having any other reason than this for ending-up your relationship mail me at I might give you positive from your reason as well.

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