Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beware Of Fake Friendships Of Girls - Don’t Use And Don’t Get Used

fake friendships of girls
Let’s have a mind opening blog guys. Today I am writing on fake friendships of girls and using boys just for their benefits. This might be controversial, there can be debate on this issue but I am giving my views.

I have seen girls like this, some of them might be good at hearts and some of them just want to take advantage of boys. Girls with a good heart unknowingly use boys for their benefits and few girls knowingly take advantage of their friendship with boys. How good girls use you unknowingly, this is hard part to understand and digesting this truth is hardest task for boy and girl too who is using you as she is doing it unintentionally. Fake girls and how they are using your friendship for their motto this can be understood easily if you keep emotions out of it.

Good girls don’t make friendship with boys to take advantage but with time and conditions, they start using you. I can give you many examples,
1. When your friend doesn’t tell you and use you to make her boyfriend jealous.
2. When she is emotional she shares her problem with you and keeps you apart in her joys.
3. When she doesn’t understand the meaning of friendship and wants you to be with her all time, just like a boyfriend.
4. When you stand for her in her hard times but she doesn’t care at all about you.

In this case just try and understand there might be nothing wrong in your friend’s mind but she is using you unknowingly. Now you have to understand this first and try to explain her that she is using you unknowingly, tell her that “she can take help from you but she should stop using you

Boys whoever targeted by fake girls are either interested in them or proposed by them. These girls keep boys waiting and ask them to be friend till the time or they just reject them and say them “We can be friends”. In this case boys are used very badly in every aspect. Like,
1. As mention in first case you can be used to make her boyfriend jealous.
2. In this case you can be used for fake emotional problems.
3. These girls can use you for your money.

Finding out this issue that you are being used in this case is very easy but as your emotions are very strong for that girl and even you are interested in her, dealing with this situation becomes very tough. I will suggest if you come to know that you are being used then keep feelings apart and deal with the situation. You should go and tell her that “you don’t want this friendship anymore”.

I am writing it with my and my friend’s experiences. I am not saying just girls are using boys. I know even boys are using girls in friendship. I respect girls but yes what I wrote is happening all around.

fake friendships of girls

According to me friendship is most important part of life. This relationship plays all roles in our life like friends are brother, sister, parents and sometime best companion when you are hurt from your love. So don’t misjudge your friends take time and understand that “Are you having a genuine friend?" Look you won’t meet all the people genuine in your life. So understand your friends and their friendship. Don’t Use and Don’t get Used mainly in friendship or in any relationships.