Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It’s Time To Face World All Alone After Break Up

Break Up

It’s time to face the real world all alone. You will be in deep trouble of facing reality after your break up. You will not find anything interesting. Loneliness will start giving a lot of pain to your mind and heart. This loneliness is a big fear factor once you fall apart from your partner.

Give yourself time sit back with blank mind, DON’T think, because thinking will just give you thoughts of your partner. Cry if you want but make sure that after you finish crying, you don’t cry again for the same. Start thinking positively and practically, what went wrong? Why this happened? Find out the reason and learn from it. Our life is all about experiences.

Look around you, feel it and make changes in yourself. This world is not emotional, practicality overtook emotions here. Most of the people have come across that time phase, where people are more emotional and sensitive. Feelings are dying in front of realistic world. Your partner can be a part of this realistic world and don’t blame him/her for being practical. He/she must have gone through more hard time than you, to think on that practical level. Don’t be too much emotional, I think, your break up is enough to make you more sensible or practical if you were in deep and true love of your life.

People says, forget your past, throw away your partners gifts and wipe out all memories, but I will say that there is just one thing that remains with you forever, that is memories. Keep good memories of your relationship in one corner of your heart. Don’t blame anyone, it is not their mistakes sometime situation changes and we can’t handle them. No one wants to lose their love but this practical world doesn’t allow them to hold it on. Blaming someone is waste once you lost it, so learn from it and go ahead.

Break Up

This is tough task but you don’t have choice. Don’t go in depression; don’t fall for alcohol or ciggies. Go in friends, roam, chat, party hard and have fun with them. Don’t sit with blank mind, keep yourself busy in work which you enjoy doing. Give time to yourself, start loving you. Start loving your being single status. Realize very important thing when it’s come to living life, it is only you and you so understand yourself and have fun. Keep yourself open to this practical world, you will find someone who will love you with emotions and feelings and you can make him/her your life partner.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Come Up From Break Up

Come Up From Break Up 

I know this is very difficult to deal with break-up but what can you do? Except facing it. Is anything left there? That you can get it back. If it is there then try out for that. If nothing is left then move on. It is just not you who is going through this pain, just check your around you will find lot of broken hearts and their stories.

Ending-up a relation can teach you many things. These broken heart's stories can make you understand lot of stuffs. You just have to choose right one and take positive from it. There can be many broken hearts which are tumbling with destructive ways but there must be few ruined heart who come up from there break up. Learn from them.

What can be reason of your break-up :

 Misunderstanding : Just think if your partner can't understand you now, how the hell he or she would have understood you in future. So you are blessed that you are getting some pain now instead of getting it for life-time. Less Love and Care : If this is the reason then, congrats you are out of it.  

Getting Less Time From Partner : Here understanding plays main role. No Trust : If your partner was not trusting you then your relationship was going nowhere. It is better you came out of it. If your partner broke your trust then you are lucky and that is giving good enough reason to you to forget him or her.  

No Faith : What is point of spending life with a person who is not having faith in you or lost faith in you even after you did lot of faithful things for him or her.

Hey you guys must have understand now, how to get positive from you negative break-up. Try to manipulate your life. "Control your thoughts and win game of Life".

Let me know your views about this blog and If you are having any other reason than this for ending-up your relationship mail me at kirans3003@gmail.com. I might give you positive from your reason as well.

Is It Necessary To Break Up Your Relationship?

Break Up 
I don’t know why people break up their relationships so easily Is it a trend now to move on or to try and choose the best one? If that is the case then where are emotions, feelings and love?

If there is a strong reason then what is the guarantee that your future partner won’t give you that reason? If loyalty, trust, different thought processes lead to unsolved arguments that further leads to lack of love or lack of love with time are reasons, then it can be understood.

Love is something which can happen more than once but not after every break up of your life. If there is any problem/ issue which can be worked out then why not do that. Do you think you will get love of your life so easily, you will get a partner who understands you or if he/she is not understanding some of your points then too trying hard, making adjustment to understand it and loving you unconditionally even after lot of arguments? Just think. Will you find anyone in future who can give you love and happiness which your partner gave you. It is not easy in today’s world.  

Save your love and save your life. People think when break up happens, we move on and life goes on. Don’t give up on such a relationship because after that life might still go on, but without love.